AllStreams consulting
AllStreams consulting is the single point of expertise for upstream
oil and gas production management support and optimisation.

Why allStreams?

With a track record of achieving production gains, reducing costs, and developing organisational capability, we are skilled in extracting more value and enhancing safety.

We improve…
     • the production stream from the reservoir wellbore interface to the terminal;
     • workflow streams, removing waste;
     • data flow streams, reducing risks of error and manipulation.

With expertise in the design, documentation, implementation and audit of metering, allocation and hydrocarbon accounting systems, we ensure that our clients receive the revenue streams they are entitled to.

It’s about optimising processes.

Any process within upstream.

AllStreams provides the rare combination of business process optimisation skills with the breadth and depth of knowledge of upstream oil and gas production management, developed over 30 years in the industry.

With skills in LEAN methodology and the ability to communicate across all levels of the organisation, we ensure that our clients’ workforce truly owns and adopts improved processes.

It's about leveraging data.

Production Management is about using data to make the right decisions.

Good decisions increase production, safeguard integrity, reduce costs, enhance safety and ultimately add value to the business. From the well to the sales point, allStreams answers the what, where, when and how of gathering data to ensure maximum value.

Errors occur in data. This leads to poor decisions, or wrongly allocated revenue. These errors occur in many places, and are due to many reasons.

AllStreams understands the complete data chain. This enables us to pinpoint the issues that lead to value-eroding errors.

It’s about creating systems.

Systems deliver repeatable results.

Consistently delivering results and addressing risks requires a systematic approach. AllStreams has experience in a huge range of systems, from design to implementation, from simple visual management systems to complete business management frameworks, from Excel-based tools to corporate databases.

AllStreams offers creative, innovative ideas and systematic thinking, vital for improving the business in a systematic way.

AllStreams has the operational experience to focus on fit-for-purpose solutions.

AllStreams works at every level, from identifying new strategies to configuring and testing tools and procedures to ensure smooth operation.

It’s about developing people.

In the end, it all relies on the creation and upkeep of high-functioning teams.

No process improvement or system implementation can be considered successful and sustainable without also developing organisational capability.

AllStreams works with every level of the organisation to leverage existing wisdom and develop ownership and new skills in every stream.

Training does not have to be expensive or time consuming.

AllStreams develops and delivers learning events, utilising the full spectrum of delivery methods from e-modules to Face2Face workshops, specialising in practical, interactive and fun training that increases knowledge retention.


It’s also about protecting individuals.

We care deeply about preventing harm to people. AllStreams applies all our skills and experience to help organisations reduce operational risk to people.

We have a track record of authentic HSE leadership and delivering systems, procedures and training, which has enhanced operational integrity and learning from incidents.


Pete Ashton: Credentials

  • BSc Chemical Engineering
  • Chartered Engineer
  • Shell Global SME in Metering and Allocation
  • Shell Global SME in Energy Components and Deferment Administration
  • Shell Global SME in Production Support
  • Shell accredited LEAN Practitioner
  • Curtin accredited Learning Events (part of MTech)

CV Pete Ashton

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